About Woonlay-Design

Offene Boxen unordentlich mit Spielmaterial in Tüten und Tütchen verpackt

About our board game inserts

Hello to all board game lovers who like to know their games in orderly proportions.


When we discovered our passion for board games we had to realize that the great games can not always be sorted easily, because in the fewest cases a proper inlay / insert is enclosed. Often small bags are put in the box as an addition, which is quite good for the beginning, but in the long run limits the fun of playing. So we searched the WWW for a solution.

We found some great organizer solutions from numerous vendors. However, we personally didn't always like them 100%, which encouraged us to do it ourselves.


So we started planning, which was a headache many times.

Tisch mit Zetteln und Stiften für die Ideenfindung und Planung der Brettspieleinsätze und Inlays

Tisch mit Foamcoreplatten, Lineal und Cuttermesser für den Bau von Brettspieleinsätzen und Inserts

After several drafts, we started the implementation. We used Foamcore sheets in 5 mm thickness. These are very light, extremely stable and wonderfully easy to work with.


From the very beginning, it was particularly important to us that the game material be left in the insert as much as possible and that only the material that needs to be placed on the game board be taken out. Thus, you are ready to play in no time and have more time left to play.


Such board game organizer offer tremendous added value, which is incredibly beneficial to gaming. Open the box, take out the inserts, possibly position one or the other on the board, start playing. No tedious sorting, opening and fumbling with bags.


There is nothing lying around loose on the table that doesn't have to be there because of the game. Thus, nothing gets away.


We directly had even more fun with our board games.

Fertiggestellte und befüllte Brettspielinserts und Brettspielinlays

In this way, we would like to offer everyone who has an equally great interest in orderly board games the opportunity to create a suitable one for themselves at low cost. For those who do not like the planning of a board game insert, is too elaborate or too time-consuming, can save a lot of time and nerves with our construction plans and simply rebuild them.

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