Materials which we can use and recommend for construction

Foamcoreplatten und Leichtschaumplatten

Foamcore sheets

- A pack of foam cardboard from Clairefontaine. Format: A3 29.7 x 42 cm, 5 mm. Color: black. Ideal for modeling and decorative work. Light and easy to work with. Chlorine-free


- Thus, the black foam board made of polystyrene between two thin layers of cardboard convinces with its lightness and at the same time provides stable support for various objects in 3D and for layouts.


- The foam boards are lightweight, acid-free, ph-neutral and are easy to cut, drill and paint. Suitable for decoration work, picture framing, modeling light figures or sculptures and of course especially suitable for building board game inlays


- Chlorine-free, please use only with solvent-free adhesives


Alternative Foamcore sheets

- This black foam board is made of a resilient extruded polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of bleached satin clay-coated paper.


- High quality memory reset foam core that can be easily cut into shapes with a cutter knife or Stanley knife without leaving jagged edges. Ideal for crafts, home or office.


- Suitable for sculpting, sign making, photography backgrounds, mounting photos, model making, display boards, school projects, displaying photos and posters, a range of craft projects such as board game inlays. 5mm thick black foam board, A3 size (29.7cm x 42cm) CFC free material.


Craft glue

White craft glue 250g 

- without solvent

- sticks strongly

- dries transparent

- suitable for a.o.: Wood, paper, felt, cardboard, styrofoam, textiles,

- Manufacturer: Meyco

Schneidunterlage mit selbst heilender Oberfläche

Cutting pad

3-LAYER STRUCTURE - Due to its multi-layer structure, PRETEX cutting mat is durable and can withstand sharp blades for a long time.


- PERFECTLY SCALED ON BOTH SIDES With dimensions (A3-A6), angles (all 15°) printed on it, PRETEX cutting mat is practical and helpful not only on one side but on both sides, which gives double pleasure.


- SELF-CLEANING AND BLADE-SAVING - Due to the soft, environmentally friendly material, cuts in the cutting mat are automatically closed and at the same time the blades are protected.

Aluminiumlineal 30 cm

Aluminum ruler 30 cm

- Embossed graduation

- Integrated anti-slip strip

- With ink edge

Aluminiumlineal 40 cm

Aluminum ruler 40 cm

- Aluminum ruler by WESTCOTT

- Especially non-slip

- With cm and inch graduation


Cutter knife

Cutter knife with metal guide for cutting materials of different thickness, Ideal for fabrics and cardboard.


- Safe working without risk of injury due to automatic blade blocking system, comfortable handling thanks to slightly increased weight


- Smooth, yet stable sliding of the blade


- High durability and cutting performance due to zinc alloy and stainless steel


- Fiskars professional cutter knife flat, 9 mm, dimensions: 0.7 x 13.9 x 2.2 cm, weight: 19 g

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